3 Advanced Body Language Tips To Radiate Confidence

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First impressions matter, you know that. But do you know when the first impression is made?

It’s not during the first few minutes of the conversation.

Not even the first word.

As soon as they see you entering the room, their subconscious is in full swing to determine exactly who the hell you are.

In this article, I’ll be giving you the tools to control that perception. Before you even open your mouth, people will see you as confident, high status, and someone who knows how to get shit done. Let’s get into the first advanced body language tip.

1. Look At The King

Confident Eye Contact is one of the most powerful skills to master.

Imagine yourself in a grand Medieval style hall. There are courtiers to your side and the King sits in front of you. Every instinct you have is screaming “do not look the king in the eyes, look at the king and you’re dead” So you keep your eyes down towards the ground and live to serve another day.

This submission instinct is not reserved exclusively for kings. Anyone you feel has higher status will trigger the same response. This survival mechanism had its place back in the days of a set status hierarchy, but in the modern world, status is a choice.

It’s important when first looking into someone’s eyes that you maintain a strong gaze. You must overcome the feeling of needing to look down. This won’t be easy at first, but if you remain conscious of your gaze it shouldn’t take long to master this. There is no better first impression than strong, unwavering eye contact.

Caution: Like all of the advice we give, there are ways to take it too far if you’re not careful. When using this technique make sure to stick with the standard amount of around 65-80% eye contact. The idea here is to not look down, that does not mean stare until they run away..

2. Control Your Head

Much like the eyes, we can look at someone’s head movements to gauge their relative status and social standing in a group. The second advanced body language tip is all about the head.

Top 3 Head Movements Lowering Your Status

 – Looking down when you walk: This is once again a point about keeping your head up. I swear I don’t have some childhood trauma involving the ground, it’s just keeping your head up while walking is a sure way to feel and look more confident. So few people actually do this so you’ll immediately stand out

 – Approval Seeking: Approval seeking mostly applies to group situations. It’s considered a low-status behaviour trait and can show up in the way you look around during conversation. Approval seeking head movements are things like looking around to gauge everyone’s reaction after telling a joke, or after saying something a little controversial. It’s also turning your head to look at everyone walking past instead of focusing on what you’re doing. To avoid this, simply do the opposite. When you tell a joke, act naturally as if you said it simply for yourself, and others reactions don’t matter. And make sure you give your full attention to whatever it is you’re doing, don’t get distracted.

 – Turtle-Necking: I will start by admitting “Turtle-Necking” is probably not a real word and is something I threw together moments before writing this. Flawless planning skills… I know.  Turtle Necking is having your neck forward and down with your shoulders raised. Confident body language means exposing your vital areas. Pay attention to your neck, and when you feel it sinking make sure to pull it back.

As I’m sure you’re now well aware, neck posture matters. I had a look around online and found a pretty good article on how to straighten up those neck muscles of yours, links at the end of the article so I’d recommend checking it out.

3. Slow Your Movements

Warning: The following advanced body language section requires you have been swimming at least once in your life. If this does not apply to you, it is highly recommended you find some water, go in it, and then return.

Have you ever been around someone who appears nervous, and that in turn makes you feel nervous and the entire conversation just goes to shit?

Sucks right?

There is one status signal. A signal so powerful that all other signals shudder in its presence.

What is the name of this signal you ask?

Nervous. Twitchy. Movements

I shudder to think of it. And so should you. If you take anything away from this article, let it be this: Keep your movements slow and controlled.

Imagine yourself moving as you would in a pool of water. With divine purpose and impeccable dexterity. Controlled and slow. Not uncomfortably slow, just slower than you normally would.

Bonus Tip: Take Up More Space, Just Don’t Take it All

Alright, I know what you’re thinking.

You asshole. you said there were 3 tips, not four. who the hell do you think you are!?

And you’re right I did say 4. But I thought of this one while writing so I’ve decided to add it in as a bonus. So instead of doing the sensible thing and changing the title, I’m sticking with 3.

So what do I mean by “Don’t take it all”

I’m referring to a common piece of advice: “Take up more space” that I see a lot of people getting wrong. The problem is unless the person is already well socially calibrated, they’ll interpret that literally, and end up looking like a highly aggressive claustrophobe. I’m here to propose an alternative: DO take up more space, but at least leave a little for those around you.

The most comfortable position is usually when you spread out and take up more space, but not stretching out so much as to make everyone around you feel uncomfortable. When you spread out too much it doesn’t make you look confident, it makes you look arrogant and socially challenged, like you have no idea what’s going on around you.

[Owner of image unknown, please let me know so I may give credit. I tastefully edited the head and bestowed literature so I hope all is forgiven]


Can’t be arsed reading the entire article?

Not a problem my friend, I got you:

3 Advanced Body Language Techniques

  1. Avoid looking down when making eye contact, it’s an act of submission and appears weak. Keep your eyes level at all times.
  2. Keep your head level with an upright neck posture at all times. Also, avoid looking around for approval after making jokes or comments you’re unsure everyone will agree with.
  3. Ensure your movements are slow and controlled. Not uncomfortably slow to the point it looks weird, just slower than usual. Imagine moving through water, it’s not slow motion, it’s just a bit more controlled.

Final Notes

In all honesty here, this is our first article. We hope you found these advanced body language tips useful, and If you have any feedback or improvements we’d love to hear from you!

Article too long?

Jokes too shit?

Lemme know in the comments below or maybe send an email.

Thank you, and whatever time it is when you read this have a wonderful rest of your day

3 Advanced Body Language Tips To Radiate Confidence

Muscle Exercises: https://mikeluque.training/physical-fitness/wall-stand-exercise/

Image Used: https://pixabay.com/en/amphibian-animal-armor-blur-1850190/


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